Somniloquist MC


sub affair / reiko che / josie gets naked / madison

(Lily Alice Kaitlyn Luck)

Influenced by everything from Massive Attack, Jack White, Led Zep and Jimmy Page through to Burial, Peaches, Soundgarden and Doc Scot. Lily has been focused on carving her own unique sound into the bass music soundscape for the better part of 4 years with more then 30 releases (totalling more then 140 tracks) and tours around NZ and Australia. After undergoing 27hours of major head surgery in march 2011 and going completely deaf for 9 weeks, Lily managed to still keep her prolific production and release rate going without skipping a beat. After taking 6 months off from touring to recover, she has jumped into headlining festivals and clubs alongside some of the best in the world.

Lily also recently colaborated on The Love Theme : How Rude LP on the tracks “Angel” and “Hen and Remi” (both of which saw extensive BBC1Xtra and R1 airplay).

Aswell as DJing and Production. Lily has written 3 short films (2 produced, 1 in production). Worked on several short films (sound editor, composer) and 2 feature films (composer, sound editor). Lily is also an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and session musician. She also co-founded and has run “The Real Big Groove” with Nieta Moore (Spinsta) since early 2005 with a focus on developing up and comers with a pay-it-forward style of management and guidance.



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