Always Sonny in L.A

Unsub – Always Sonny in L.A.

Wrote this track in the height of a Brisbane summer. I’m sure I’m not the first producer to feel a little bit disillusioned with the idea of charts, competition, etc when it comes to being heard so instead of getting down about it and having a mad rant I thought it’d be better to pretend I was playing burning man and having a desert rave. Thats pretty much what this tune is about. The ‘Sonny’ reference is to Mr. Skrillex himself. I know the guy receives alot of hate (yes, even from me at one point but I adjusted my perceptions since hate is really not what I’m about and it really was just jealousy), so I figured I’d do a bit of a wierd ode to him. Apparently is a really nice guy so hopefully get to meet him at some point. Don’t worry though, the track isnt anything like his work =D heh.

❤ Lil xX


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